Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  Here are some of the questions that have been commonly asked.

What is your season of operation?

The fun starts in the beginning of May and concludes at the end of October.  We will only book one wedding on-site per weekend so the celebration is not rushed.  We also do events mid-week.

Do you have on-site catering service?

Yes!  When you book with Old School Celebrations at the Barn, you will also get to enjoy Old School Catering's menu.   

Are alcoholic beverages permitted on the property?

Alcohol will not be purchased or served by Old School Celebrations.  The contracting party will be responsible for the purchasing and oversight of the serving of alcohol.  If at anytime Old School Celebrations staff considers the alcohol consumption to be excessive, we have the authority to close down all alcohol service.

Do you only host weddings?  Would you be able to host other events?

Old School Celebrations has the space for all types of gatherings.  Whether it is a wedding, graduation, anniversary, family reunion, business meeting, fundraising event or "just because."  Regardless of the type of celebration, Old School Celebrations provides tables, chairs and linens. 

Do you have modern restrooms?

Yes, we have two family restrooms.  

Is the barn climate controlled?

It is controlled by the climate outside and body heat.  We do not have heaters, air conditioners, etc. available on-site.

Do you allow rehearsal dinners?

Yes, one of the rental packages includes a rehearsal dinner option at the Barn with Old School Catering.  You can also hire Old School Catering to do the rehearsal dinner off-site.  Contact Jeramey for details.

Do you allow RVs and camping?

We do not allow guests to camp on our property.  If guests bring an RV, they will need to find alternate parking. 

Where do the guests park?

There is a 1.5 acre pasture on the south side of the Barn where guests are able to park.  There is also handicap accessible parking on the north side of the Barn.  Other event vendors, such as decorators, music, floral, etc. may use the north entrance as well.